Opera 9.5 Post-Alpha Build 9523

Opera 9.5 Post-Alpha Build 9523 Nach der Verffentlichung der ersten Alpha-Version von Opera “Kestrel” v9.5 und zahlreichen Einsendungen auftretende Bugs, verffentlicht das Desktop Team die erste Post-Alpha Version mit der Buildnummer 9523.


  • [272376] Cursor in source viewer positioned at the end
  • [277681] Some order lists are displayed as unordered lists
  • [279302] Line wrapping does not work correctly in some cases, causing overly long lines of text and horizontal scrollbars; often seen at Wikipedia
  • [280678] Files are often saved with the incorrect file extension
  • [281550] Setting an external source viewer does not work
  • [267842] View bar is available in the customization dialog again
  • [274676] Original text color (inside tables) not reverted when closing content blocker dialog
  • [267859] Numbers (and borders) not shown in configured speed dial entries
  • [273030] Text squished/mashed together after removing thumbnail
  • [273822] Link focused by inline find cannot be activated (Enter doesn’t work after spatnav)
  • [281879] Show cached images randomly breaks
  • [282003] Lots of unread messages and drafts after upgrade
  • APNG 1.0 support added. Will work as animated gifs on webpages and skins
  • Select custom application when downloading files
  • add multithreading to mail for improved performanced
  • Added x button on notifiers
  • Fixed IE bookmark folder import
  • General stability fixes
  • Tons of layout/js fixes
  • Windows spezifisch
    • Greatly improved performance with alpha transparency (animations, scrolling)
  • Mac spezifisch
    • Further tweaking of tabs in native skin
    • Removed page loading spinner from Address bar
    • Rounded edges on many dialog Title bars
    • Fixed application window focus/activation problems
    • Fixed problems with Flash problems with wmode=opaque and CSS hover
    • Prevent some start-up freezes
    • Pulsing progress bar

Bekannte Probleme

  • Wand doesn’t save anymore.
  • Yahoo mail beta might crash Opera.
  • Some UNIX packages are missing.
  • Won’t work on win98/95


  • Windows
  • Windows Classic
  • Macintosh
  • Unix
  • [tags] Opera[/tags]

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