Opera 9.5 Beta Build 9624


Opera 9.5 Beta Build 9624 Gestern hat das Entwicklerteam von Opera das erste Nachfolgebuild der zuvor veröffentlichten Beta zum Download bereitgestellt. Einige Bugs wurden behoben, ansonsten hat sich nicht viel verändert.

Einige Änderungen seit der Beta 1

  • Find in page now continues search from the location of the last mouse click
  • Fixed a freeze when syncronizing Opera
  • Fixed skandiabanken.no certificate installation
  • Fixed crash when reindexing mail
  • Removing mail from filters now works again
  • Removed support for http://www.w3.org/TR/REC-html40 namespace
  • Confirm exit while logged in to link now works
  • Fixed an issue with link synchronizing
  • Fixed nickname handling in addressbar
  • Setting cache to off really means nothing is written to disk. (PS: View source doesn’t work without disk cache… )
  • UNIX spezifisch
  • Plugins sometimes don’t work properly
  • We have FreeBSD 7 builds!
  • Added a lot of applications in the Suggests line in deb packages
  • The command line switch -notrayicon is now respected again
  • Mac spezifisch
    • This build will use the same settings as 9.50 Beta

    Bekannte Probleme

    • Gmail compose window is just 1px tall
    • *NIX builds crash when connecting to IRC


    Windows Classic


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