Opera 9.2 Weekly Build 8758


Opera hat gestern ein neues Weekly Build der 9.2-er Version veröffentlicht



  • Fixed issue with replacing personal search engines on startup
  • Support for downloading search engine icons on first start and upgrade
  • Fixed a fair number of cosmetic issues in speed dial
  • Added a limit on how many page thumbnails can be in memory, should result in lower memory usage over time
  • Added thumbnail tooltip to the windows panel list
  • Enabled plugins in feeds again
  • Fixed a heap of prominent and non-prominent crashers
  • Most translations should now be up to date, please test!


  • Fixed deadkeys on GMail (finally!)
  • Fixed spellchecker on FreeBSD (look for the right libaspell…)
  • Improved protection against running two instances of Opera using the same settings directory


  • Opera now supports the AppleAntiAliasingThreshold property which allows you to turn off antialiasing (font smoothing) separately from the system setting; a bug in not respecting the system setting has also been fixed

Bekannte Probleme

  • Rightclicking causes crashes in various contexts.

Windows MSI
Windows Classic


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