Opera 9.12 Weekly Build 8713

Opera hat heute Abend ein neues Weekly Build mit der Versionsnummer 9.12 Build 8713 veröffentlicht.

Neu ist die “Developer Console”, welche man über Extras > Weiteres (Tools > Advanced) aufrufen kann. Was sich genau dahinter verbirgt, weiß ich noch nicht, muss ich mir erst noch anschauen 🙂


  • Unneeded scrollbar now gone on adobe.com
  • Some fraud protection improvements
  • Made proxy authentication work better
  • Added Developer console
  • Usage report only asks 1 in 1000
  • Fixes to entering hostname: port in addressbar
  • Javascript scroll events now fired on mouseweel
  • Server Expiry header is now respected even if the time exceeds user preference


  • Fixed master password expiry time on unix
  • Added Shared X memory. Should now be quite a bit faster
    Note: On FreeBSD shared memory doesn’t work by FreeBSD design. You need to run this as as root:
    # sysctl kern.ipc.shm_allow_removed=1
    (We’ll be adding a workaround for this in later builds.)

Windows MSI
Windows Classic

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