How To Work with Microsoft Photo Info

Microsoft released a smart Tool called “Photo Info” today. With “Photo Info” your are able to edit the “metadata” (Exif-Data) of you digital photographs. “Photo Info” works with Windows XP and Vista.

Working with the tool is very easy.

  1. Download “Photo Info“. Microsofts wants Validation for it.
  2. Install the program.
  3. When the installation finished open the Windows Explorer and find a photo, e.g. a *.JPG-File
  4. Open the contextmenu of the file and select “Photo Info“.
  5. A window including 5 tabs open now.
    Description“, “Keywords“, “Origin“, “Advanced” and “Details
  6. Tab Description:
    Type in the main facts (Title, Author, Description) of you photo.
  7. Tab Keywords:
    Type in your Keywords (and a category)
  8. Tab Origin:
    Type in where it is and the date of creating
  9. Tab Advanced:
    Type in some more facts of your picture
  10. Tab Details:
    Shows you main facts of your picture (e.g. size) and main facts of your camera (e.g. your model, ISO speed etc.)

Supported File types:

  • JPEG
  • TIFF
  • WDP
  • HDP (HD Photo)
  • NEF
  • CR2
  • CRW


  • View or edit photo metadata from inside Windows Explorer. Now, advanced image properties are at your fingertips from within Windows.
  • Edit images individually, or as a collection. Photo Info has two edit modes: individual and collection, making it easy to update many images at the same time.
  • Quick recall of recent entries. For some properties, Photo Info remembers the most recent entries you have typed. To recall a recent entry, click on the drop down arrow and select it from the list.
  • Generate copyright notice automatically. Photo Info can generate a standard copyright notice automatically from the Author and date Created information, if present.
  • Quick recall of location details. To help save time when entering location information, Photo Info can save location details under a name you provide. Recall these details by selecting the location name from the drop-down menu.
  • Correct EXIF capture date / time information. Photo Info can optionally update the EXIF date/time information as recorded in the image file by your camera. You can use this feature to correct the file capture date if your camera’s clock was set incorrectly (for example, to the wrong time zone).
  • View EXIF properties. Click on the Details tab to view common EXIF properties. Click on More properties for additional details.
  • Preview the image. To see a larger preview of the image, double-click on the thumbnail.
  • Enhanced hover tips. Hover tips have been enhanced for JPEG, TIFF and other supported file types in Windows Explorer.
  • Custom column properties. In Windows Explorer when viewing a folder in Details view, additional sort properties are available for supported image types.
  • Microsoft Photo Info enables easy editing of “metadata” for digital photographs from inside Windows Explorer

Microsoft: Digital photography “Information at your fingertips”

Annotation: EXIFER has got more functions and better features to edit the metatags of you pictures

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