153 Tools Microsoft offers to you for free

Do you think, Microsoft only allows you to download security patches for its commercial applications like Windows or Office, don’t you?

No, Microsoft offers more than 150 tools to you for free. Some of them are very useful, some others makes your Deskop-Look much better.

You only have to search for Microsoft’s presents.


Multimedia & Graphic

  1. Group Shot
    Group Shot creates a composite image from a series of photos. The photos must be of the same scene, taken from the same point of view within a short period of time. The application uses regions that you indicate to build a composite image automatically.
    Windows XP
  2. Microsoft RAW Image Thumbnailer and Viewer
    Allows you to open RAW-Files with Windows XP
  3. Microsoft Photo Info 1.0
    Easily view and change “metadata” properties in digital photographs from within Windows Explorer.
    Windows XP, Vista
  4. Microsoft HD DVD Interactivity Jumpstart
    The HD DVD Interactivity Jumpstart Package is a collection of software tools for testing, debugging, and simulating HD DVD interactive content.
    Windows XP
  5. Photo Story 3
    Create slideshows using your digital photos. With a single click, you can touch-up, crop, or rotate pictures. Add stunning special effects, soundtracks, and your own voice narration to your photo stories.
    Windows XP
  6. Windows Media ASF Viewer 9 Series
    You cannot use ASF Viewer to edit the file or the metadata within the file; it is simply a tool that you can use to view the contents of the file structure. ASF Viewer has a graphic user interface, but you can also run ASF Viewer in batch mode from the command prompt.
    Windows 2000, XP
  7. Windows Media Audio Lossless to Wave Converter
    Converts any WMA Lossless file (audio only, wma file) back to uncompressed PCM in wav format
    Windows 2000, XP
  8. Windows Media Encoder 9
    Windows Media Encoder 9 Series is a powerful tool for content producers who want to take advantage of the many innovations in Windows Media 9 Series, including high-quality multichannel sound, high-definition video quality, new support for mixed-mode voice and music content, and more.
    Windows 2000, XP
  9. Windows Media Capture 9 Series
    Windows Media Capture 9 Series supports a broad range of video and audio capture cards, and includes the complete source code for developers who want to build their own capture applications.
    Windows 2000, XP
  10. Windows Media Mono to Multichannel Wave Combiner 9 Series
    Convert 2, 6, or 8 mono wave files into a single avi file.
  11. Windows Media Video 9 VCM
    The Windows Media Audio and Video 9 Series codecs offer the best experience when delivered using the ASF file container.
    Windows 98 SE, ME, NT, 2000, XP
  12. Windows XP Video Decoder Checkup Utility
    The Windows XP Video Decoder Checkup Utility helps you determine if an MPEG-2 video decoder (also called a DVD decoder) is installed on your Windows XP computer and whether or not the decoder is compatible with Windows Media Player 10 and Windows XP Media Center Edition.
    Windows XP
  13. PowerToy Media Center-Wecker für Windows XP Media Center Edition
    Media Center Alarm Clock is your official alarm clock for Windows XP Media Center Edition! You can select the music that you would like to listen to and the time, and the Alarm Clock does the rest; it’s that simple. Also features Snooze and visualizations to accompany your alarm.
    Windows XP MCE


  1. Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer v2.0.1
    In response to direct customer need for a streamlined method of identifying common security misconfigurations, Microsoft has developed the Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer (MBSA). Version 2.0.1 of MBSA includes a graphical and command line interface that can perform local or remote scans of Windows systems.
    Windows 2000, XP, 2003
  2. Port Reporter
    Port Reporter logs TCP and UDP port activity on a local Windows system. Port Reporter is a small application that runs as a service on Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003.
    Windows 2000, XP, 2003
  3. New Cipher.exe Tool
    Microsoft has developed an improved version of the Cipher.exe tool, offering an important new option – the ability to permanently overwrite (or “wipe”) all of the deleted data on a hard disk.
    Windows 2000
  4. SubInACL
    SubInACL is a command-line tool that enables administrators to obtain security information about files, registry keys, and services, and transfer this information from user to user, from local or global group to group, and from domain to domain. For example, if a user has moved from one domain (DomainA) to another (DomainB), the administrator can replace DomainA\User with DomainB\User in the security information for the user’s files. This gives the user access to the same files from the new domain.
    Windows 2000, XP, 2003
  5. Windows Defender (32-Bit, 64-Bit)
    Checks your PC for Malware
  6. Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool
    The Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool checks Windows XP, Windows 2000, and Windows Server 2003 computers for and helps remove infections by specific, prevalent malicious software—including Blaster, Sasser, and Mydoom.
    Windows 2000, XP, 2003
  7. Rootkit Revealer (Sysinternals)
    RootkitRevealer is an advanced rootkit detection utility.
    Windows NT, 2000, XP, 2003


  1. Microsoft Community Bar
    Internet Explorer Plug-in. Share your opinion on websites
  2. Remote Desktop Connection software
    This software package will install the client portion of Remote Desktop on any of the following operating systems: Windows 95, Windows 98 and 98 Second Edition, Windows Me, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, and Windows 2003. (This is the same version of the client software as in Windows XP Service Pack 2.)
  3. Windows Live Writer
    A tool for blogging
  4. SMS Sender
    SMS Sender is an add-on for Microsoft Windows XP that will create and send SMS (text messages) by using your GSM cellular phone. It also allows the use of all characters from international alphabets.
    Windows XP
  5. Virtual WiFi
    VirtualWiFi (previously known as MultiNet) is a virtualization architecture for wireless LAN (WLAN) cards.
    Windows XP
  6. Microsoft Location Finder
    Microsoft Location Finder is a client-side application that turns a regular WiFi enabled laptop, Tablet or PC into a location determining device without the addition of any separate hardware.
  7. Webcam Timershot
    creates Webcam-Pictures
    Windows XP
  8. Windows Live Messenger 8.1
    Windows Live Messenger is the next-generation MSN Messenger. It has everything you already love about Messenger—your contact list, emoticons, and instant access to your friends via text, voice, and video—plus new ways to connect and share photos and documents effortlessly. As always, it’s free to download Messenger and use most of its features.
    Windows XP, Vista
  9. Clear Cache Feature for Internet Explorer
    This program is intended to automatically delete all temporary Internet files, cookies, and history files when it is installed and executed. The program was developed to programmatically clear these files when a corrupt entry caused errors with Internet Explorer.
    Windows XP / IE 6
  10. Microsoft NetMeeting 3.01
    NetMeeting delivers a complete Internet conferencing solution for all Windows users with multi-point data conferencing, text chat, whiteboard, and file transfer, as well as point-to-point audio and video.
    Windows 95, 98 (SE), ME, NT
  11. SQLXML 3.0 RTM
    SQLXML enables XML support for your SQL Server Database. It allows developers to bridge the gap between XML and relational data. You can create XML View of your existing relational data and work with it as if it was an XML file.
    Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP
  12. User Agent String Utility version 2
    A utility that opens an Internet Explorer 7.0 window that is configured to report its identity to websites as being Internet Explorer 6.0.
    Windows XP, 2003, Vista
  13. Virtual Earth 3D (Beta)
    Add realistic 3D capabilities to your online Live Maps.
  14. Whois v1.01 (Sysinternals)
    Whois performs the registration record for the domain name or IP address that you specify.
  15. XMLLite
    XmlLite is a lightweight component for parsing and writing XML files.
    Windows XP, 2003

Tools & Utilities

  1. Sysinternals Tool Suite
    The Sysinternals Troubleshooting Utilities have been rolled up into a single Suite of tools. This file contains the individual troubleshooting tools and help files. It does not contain non-troubleshooting tools like the BSOD Screen Saver or NotMyFault.
  2. Windows Script Control
    The Microsoft® Windows® Script Control is an ActiveX® control that provides developers with an easy way to make their applications scriptable.
    Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, 2003
  3. Windows XP Service Pack 2-Supporttools
    The Windows Support Tools for Microsoft Windows XP are intended for use by Microsoft support personnel and experienced users to assist in diagnosing and resolving computer problems.
  4. Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit Tools
    The Microsoft® Windows® Server 2003 Resource Kit Tools are a set of tools to help administrators streamline management tasks such as troubleshooting operating system issues, …
  5. Microsoft Management Console 3.0
    Microsoft Management Console 3.0 (MMC 3.0) is a framework that unifies and simplifies day-to-day system management tasks on Windows by providing common navigation, menus, toolbars, and workflow across diverse tools.
    Windows XP, 2003
  6. Microsoft Calculator Plus
    Calculator (calc.exe) with more functions
    Windows XP, 2003
  7. Network Diagnostic Tool
    The Network Diagnostics for Windows XP tool analyzes information about your network connectivity to help you troubleshoot network-related problems with your computer.
    Windows XP
  8. Shadow Copy Client: Accessing Shadow Copies on Windows Server 2003
    The Shadow Copy Client allows shadow copies on Windows Server 2003 to be accessed from client computers running operating systems other than Windows Server 2003.
    Windows 2000, XP
  9. Link Layer Topology Discovery (LLTD) Responder
    This package contains the Link Layer Topology Discovery (LLTD) responder. The network map on a computer running Windows Vista shows a graphical view of the computers and devices on your network and how they are connected by using the LLTD protocol.
    Windows XP
  10. Windows PowerShell 1.0
    Microsoft Windows® PowerShell is a new command-line shell and scripting language designed for system administration and automation. Built on the .NET Framework, Windows PowerShell enables IT professionals and developers control and automate the administration of Windows and applications.
    Windows XP, 2003, XP
  11. ActiveSync 4.5 (Registration first)
    Microsoft ActiveSync 4.5 is the latest sync software release for Windows Mobile-powered devices. ActiveSync provides a great synchronization experience with Windows®-powered PCs and Microsoft Outlook right out of the box.
    Windows XP, 2003
  12. Microsoft Color Control Panel Applet for Windows XP
    The Microsoft Color Control Panel Applet is a tool for Microsoft Windows XP that makes it easier for you to manage Windows color settings.
    Windows XP
  13. Debugging Tools (32-Bit, 64-Bit)
    You can use Debugging Tools for Windows to debug drivers, applications, and services on systems running Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, and Windows Server codename “Longhorn,” as well as for debugging the operating system itself. Versions of the Debugging Tools for Windows package are available for 32-bit x86, native Intel Itanium, and native x64 platforms.
    Windows NT, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista
  14. IntelliPoint
    IntelliPoint software enables you to customize the unique features of your Microsoft® mouse. You can reassign mouse buttons to perform commands, shortcuts, and application-specific functions. You can also modify mouse settings, such as pointer speed and updated horizontal scrolling.
    Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, Vista
  15. SyncToy v1.4
    SyncToy helps you copy, move, rename, and delete files between folders and computers quickly and easily.
    Windows XP, Vista
  16. Windows Easy Transfer for Windows XP and Windows 2000
    Download Windows Easy Transfer for your Windows XP or Windows 2000 based PC so you can automatically copy your files, photos, music, email, settings, and more to your new Windows Vista based PC. This software enables you to transfer data with Easy Transfer Cables (Windows 2000 not supported) or across a network, external drive, or CD/DVD.
  17. USB Flash Drive Manager
    Use this application to backup and restore presentation, pictures, songs and applications from and to USB Flash Drive devices and take them with you. Use USB Flash Drives to store personal data, to keep your network configuration and to share information with your friends. Microsoft USB Flash Drive .
    Windows XP
  18. Alt-Tab Replacement
    With this PowerToy, in addition to seeing the icon of the application window you are switching to, you will also see a preview of the page. This helps particularly when multiple sessions of an application are open.
    Windows XP
  19. MSConfig Tools
    Install this update to add a Tools tab to the System Configuration Utility (msconfig.exe).
    Windows XP


  1. Microsoft Office Outlook Connector
    With Outlook Connector, you can use Microsoft Outlook 2002, Microsoft Office Outlook 2003, or Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 to access and manage your Microsoft Windows Live Mail or Microsoft Office Live Mail accounts, including e-mail messages, calendar, tasks, notes, and contacts.
    Windows 2000, XP, Vista
  2. Outlook 2003/2002 Add-in: Notes Connector
    Microsoft Office Outlook Connector for IBM Lotus Domino enables you to use Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 or Microsoft Outlook 2002 to access your e-mail messages, calendar, address book, and To Do (task) items on an IBM Lotus Domino Release 5.x or Release 6.x server.
    Windows 2000, XP
  3. Outlook 2002/2000 Stationery: Wallpaper
    You can use Wallpaper stationery to give you a stylized background for your outgoing e-mail messages in Microsoft Outlook 2002 and 2000.
  4. Pocket PC-Verbindungs-Assistent
    In addition to being able to synchronize and connect directly to the desktop, your Pocket PC can be used to access e-mail, Web, and other content through wired and wireless connections.
    Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP
  5. Excel Viewer 2003
    Open, view, and print Excel workbooks, even if you don’t have Excel installed.
  6. Word Viewer 2003
    View, print and copy Word documents, even if you don’t have Word installed.
  7. PowerPoint Viewer 2007
    PowerPoint Viewer 2007 lets you view full-featured presentations created in PowerPoint 97 and later versions.
  8. Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack (Office 2007)
    Open, edit, and save documents, workbooks, and presentations in the file formats new to Microsoft Office Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2007.
    Windows 2000, XP, 2003
  9. Office 2003/XP Add-in: Remove Hidden Data
    With this add-in you can permanently remove hidden data and collaboration data, such as change tracking and comments, from Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft PowerPoint files.
    Windows 2000, XP
  10. XML Notepad 2007
    XML Notepad 2007 provides a simple intuitive user interface for browsing and editing XML documents.
    Windows XP, 2003, XP
  11. SNARF
    analysis your social contacts in Outlook
  12. Office 2003 Add-in: Word Redaction v1.2
    Use the Word 2003 Redaction Add-in to hide text within Microsoft Office Word 2003 documents. You can mark text to redact and then create a new, redacted version of the document in which the marked text is replaced with a black bar that cannot be converted back to text.
  13. ZoomIt v1.21 (Sysinternals)
    ZoomIt is screen zoom and annotation tool for technical presentations that include application demonstrations.
  14. Windows Desktop Search 3.0 RTW
    Windows Desktop Search 3.0 is the technology which enables instant search on your computer.
    Windows XP, 2003
  15. Microsoft Time Zone
    Allows users to view the date and time in multiple locations.
    Windows XP

Screensaver & Themes

  1. 3-D American Flag Screen Saver
  2. Brazilian Beaches
  3. Egypt Nile Theme
  4. Microsoft Theme Nature 2
  5. Microsoft Historical Monuments of Québec Theme Pack
  6. Microsoft Nunavut Theme
  7. Microsoft Ree Ree Khao Sarn desktop theme
  8. Microsoft Ontario Theme
  9. Plus! Dancer LE
    Experience music in a whole new way with lifelike 3-D and animated dancers that groove on your desktop with dozens of entertaining and hilarious dance moves.
    Windows XP
  10. Windows XP Winter Fun Screensavers
  11. BlueScreen Screen Saver v3.2
  12. Microsoft Video Screensaver

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