10 Google Mythen aufgeklaert

Vor einiger Zeit klärte man bereits bei TechRepublic 10 Vista Mythen auf. Im Google Systemblog wurden nun ebenfalls auch 10 Mythen über Google aufgeklärt.

  1. Google Desktop indexes your files and uploads the index to Google’s servers.
  2. Gmail indexes your emails and makes them available for everyone.
  3. Google doesn’t delete my Gmail messages.
  4. Google doesn’t improve search anymore to increase its earnings from ads.
  5. Search results should be ranked by people, not by algorithms.
  6. Google is spyware.
  7. Google Earth shows real-time images.
  8. Google is the best search engine that will ever be built.
  9. Google favors Wikipedia, Technorati, blogs.
  10. Google will take over the world.

Google Myths [Google Operating System]

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