Opera Mini 3.1 ist da

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Wie man im OperaMini Blog lesen kann, wurde eine aktualisierte Version veröffentlicht.

New feature:

  • Manage RSS feeds

Newly supported devices:

  • T-mobile dash
  • Motorola i275, i850, i860, i870 (iDEN) – we will post more info about this later



Network and connectivity:

  • Improved connectivity for devices that are forced to use IP addresses
  • Improved connectivity for BlackBerry devices that uses the carriers T-Mobile, Cingular and Vodafone
  • Better connectivity for Samsung and Sprint devices

Rendering fixes:

  • Better text rendering for Samsung BlackJack SGH-i607
  • Improved memory handling when using high quality images
  • New dialog window
  • Fixed overlapping texts in menu bar
  • Fixed menu bar height for letters with diacritic marks
  • Fixed favicon alignment

Input and key event fixes:

  • Dismissing dialogs works better on Motorola’s
  • Fixed smooth scrolling for LG CU320
  • Soft key fix for Phillips 362
  • Various fixes for UIQ3 devices
  • Fixed issue with going back when holding the back key on Sony Ericsson devices (easier to enter the native minimize menu)
  • Better key handling for Alcatel GlamPhone and OT-C750

Snapshot fixes:

  • Sony Ericsson Z520 – multiple permission dialogs fixed and better resolution
  • Various Nokia models – stability improvements for snapshot previews
  • Motorola A780 – made viewfinder visible again

Other fixes:

  • Fixed page loading errors for Sanyo PM-8200, RL-4920, SCP-2400, SCP-3100, VI-2300
  • … and many more

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Review: EXALEAD, an alternative to Google [English]

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This article gives a review on the searchengine EXALEAD.

Google users only can dream of some functions which Exalead offers to its users.

If you are interested in Exalead’s background or history, read Wikipedia’s article about Exalead.

Exalead’s index size is 8 billion pages (October 2006)



The websearch is still simpel and well arranged. If your keyword is very global, you also have got the chance to refine your search.

Type “Google” into the searchbox and Exalead offers you some detailed keywords

  • Sergey Brin
  • Google products
  • Google sitemaps
  • Google Account
  • Google wants

Multimedia allows you to limit your results into audio-, video- or RSS-files.

Furthermore you can limit the langauges, search in categories or search for special file types.

Google offers some of these functions to you, too. But Exalead’s variation is more practical.


You also can choose between 3 views

  1. text only
  2. text and thumbnail 
  3. text, thumbnail and category


Exalead’s imagesearch doesn’t offer advantages compared to Google. You can refine you search by choosing a special image size or style of color (“color”, “Grayscale” “black & white”) like in Google’s imagesearcg


But in detail you’ll find a advantage:

Open an image in Google’s image search: At the top of the screen you’ll find an link that brings you back to the results.

But Exalead offers you some more functions: You can switch to the next following picture or you can also type in a new keyword you are looking for.

More functions/information

Personal Homepage

You also can create your own personal Exalead homepage. 

Create some Shortcuts on your personal Exalead homepage to achieve your favorite sites faster.

If you’ll find a website you like when you are searching with Exalead, adds it to your shortcuts

You have got some really good ideas making Exalead better? Post them in Exalead’s Web2.0-Forum. The Forum includes a Digg-like function. So everyone can rank your idea.


Exalead seems to be a very interesting alternative for Google users. Some really good functions, you won’t find in Googles websearch, and a well arranged website let Exalead be a competitor for Google.

Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 released

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Nachdem Microsoft bereits im letzten Jahr “Virtual PC 2004″ kostenlos zur Verfügung gestellt hatte, folgt nun die Version 2007, die man ebenfalls kostenlos herunterladen kann.

Mit Virtual PC kann man virtuelle Betriebssysteme aufsetzen, ohne das alte Betriebssystem formatieren zu müssen oder gar zu beschädigen.

Die 2007er Version steht sowohl als 32-Bit, aber auch als 64-Bit Version zur Verfügung.

Virtual PC 2007 herunterladen

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