[HowTo] Vista: Return to the good old border icons

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You do not like Windows Vista’s new border icons? Hey, it’s your lucky day: There’s a little trick to return to the good old border icons. Well, all you have to do, is to change a Registry-Key.

So, let’s go

  1. Open regedit.exe
  2. Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\DWM
  3. Create a DWORD-Datatype titeled UseAlternateButtons.
  4. To return to the old border icons type in 0 otherwise type in 1 to see Vista’s new border icons.

10 Google Mythen aufgeklaert

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Vor einiger Zeit klärte man bereits bei TechRepublic 10 Vista Mythen auf. Im Google Systemblog wurden nun ebenfalls auch 10 Mythen über Google aufgeklärt.

  1. Google Desktop indexes your files and uploads the index to Google’s servers.
  2. Gmail indexes your emails and makes them available for everyone.
  3. Google doesn’t delete my Gmail messages.
  4. Google doesn’t improve search anymore to increase its earnings from ads.
  5. Search results should be ranked by people, not by algorithms.
  6. Google is spyware.
  7. Google Earth shows real-time images.
  8. Google is the best search engine that will ever be built.
  9. Google favors Wikipedia, Technorati, blogs.
  10. Google will take over the world.

Google Myths [Google Operating System]

Google Moon Easteregg

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Visit http://moon.google.com and change the Zoom to maximum. You’ll get a brilliant detail of the moon.

On July 20, 1969, man first landed on the Moon. A few decades later, we’re pleased to cut you in on the action. Google Moon is an extension of Google Maps and Google Earth that, courtesy of NASA imagery (thanks, guys!), enables you to surf the Moon’s surface and check out the exact spots that the Apollo astronauts made their landings.

Googles erster Server

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Sieht eher etwas chaotisch aus, aber naja…

Google’s First Production Server

…with the hair pulled back, revealing a rack of cheap networked PCs, circa 1999.

Each level has a couple of PC boards slammed in there, partially overlapping. This approach reflects a presumption of rapid obsolescence of cheap hardware, which would not need to be repaired. Several of the PCs never worked, and the system design optimized around multiple computer failures.

According to Larry and Sergey, the beta system used Duplo blocks for the chassis because generic brand plastic blocks were not rigid enough.